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Muoni skiing tracks are built and maintained by the local tourist companies and the municipality. Tracks are maintained by a local track pool, which has professional equipment for maintaining the tracks. Most of the track network is grit based to ensure the tracks can be used all-year for trekking and skiing.

The skiing season in Muonio starts in mid-October on the First Snow tracks. The tracks are snow-assured by using added snow from snow guns. Muonio is therefore one of the most popular skiing resorts for world cup teams from all over the world to start the season early.

The whole track network of around 200 km is in use by mid February for the winter holiday season.

A track network of neighboring municipalities are combined and it consists of nearly a thousand kilometres of well maintained tracks.

The most well known event in Autumn are the FIS-TYKKIKISAT Cross-country skiing competition at Olos. Olos hosted the season start for the World Cup in 1998. Lapponia skiing  competition is the main event for Spring. More about Lapponia here. In case you interested in reading more about events in Muonio area, please visit  on  MUONIO traveling/event site.

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