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The Great Ski Tracks of Muonio

The Great Ski Tracks of Muonio is built and held up by the travel companies in Muonio and the community. The responsibility of taking care of the tracks belongs to "Latupooli" which also has modern and proper equipments. Most of the tracks have sawdust as the base so they could be used for hiking and skiing round-the-year.

The ski season begins in the mid-October on the first snow tracks whose secure is increased with man made snow. This has also secured the numerous visits of the international teams on the first snow tracks in Muonio.

The spring skiing kicks off in the mid-February when there's about 200 kilometers of ski tracks ready to use. The communities in Fell Lapland are also connected by the ski tracks, which provides about a thousand kilometers of ski tracks for the most enthusiastic skiers.

The most remarkable events in the fall are the First Snow competitions which now are FIS-competitions. The opening race of the world cup 1998 was organized at Olos. The most remarkable event in the spring season is the Lapponia ski week. Pallas skiing is organized in the April.